Anvil Cylinders

Force creates counterforce, therefore every rotary die-cutting tool needs an appropiate counterpart to bring out the die-cutting pressure in an optimal way. In combination with our SuperCut flexible dies and OptiMag magnetic cylinders, our anvil cylinders ensure excellent cutting results.


Our anvil cylinders are characterised by their exemplary hardness and run-out accuracy. Whether you use a standard, plus or minus cylinder to compensate for a wide range of backing papers, thanks to its precision and ultra-fine surface condition, every Wink anvil cylinder is a quality tool that guarantees success. Anvil cylinders are available for all machine types, in all standard designs and, of course, special designs are also possible (based on drawings or samples).

    • base material: high quality tool steel
    • available as a standard, plus or minus cylinder in order to compensate for variations in liners and worn cutting tools
    • hardness: 62 +/- 2 HRC
    • run-out accuracy < 3 µm
    • cylindricity < 3 µm
    • cylinder body diameter: up to 300 mm
    • cylinder width (inc. taps) up to 2,000 mm
    • special sizes available on request
    • gear: standard 1/8 cp, all tooth modules available
  • Scope of delivery
    • gear
    • transport container