Packaging, folding boxes and other cardboard products are an essential part of our everyday life. For numerous goods of daily use, cardboard packaging provides protection, storability and an attractive shelf appeal. For efficient production, dimensionally stable steel rule dies are used above all for die-cutting, creasing and embossing.


The primary market for folding cartons and similar cardboard packaging is the food industry. However, individual packaging solutions are also used in many other areas such as pharmaceuticals, household products, personal care and cosmetics. There are no limits to the variety of shapes and functions. Flap boxes, bag boxes, telescope boxes, counter displays, cardboard slipcases and euro-hole hangers are just some of the numerous formats in which consumer and durable goods are packaged and presented.


Folding cartons and related products are usually made from a wide variety of cardboard, sometimes plastic or non-woven materials are also used. Printing and finishing are typically done on sheet-fed offset presses, but other printing processes are also used - increasingly also digital printing. The printed sheets are then further processed at high speed. This is where our cutting dies come into play, which ensure high-precision contour cutting, creasing and scoring.