Ultrasonic Welding Anvil Cylinder

Wink can also supply you with suitable rotary tools for continuous ultrasonic welding in the narrow web sector. We offer the anvil cylinders required for this purpose in all standard working widths and formats and provide them with the desired outline, accurate to the micrometer.


Wink anvil cylinders for ultrasonic welding are made of high-quality stainless tool steel. They are hardened and can be reworked several times if necessary to achieve maximum running times. Ultrasonic welding is particularly suitable for the manufacture of medical and hygiene products such as face and protective masks. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, the demand for such tools has risen sharply. We therefore guarantee you the shortest possible delivery times with prioritised scheduling. In addition, you will receive comprehensive technical advice and setup support from us.

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In ultrasonic welding, mechanical vibrations are transmitted by a sonotrode to the material webs to be welded with pinpoint accuracy. An anvil cylinder provides the necessary counterpressure. The generated frictional heat welds the workpieces together.

Ultrasonic welding is very suitable for the production of medical and hygiene products such as face and protective masks made of fleece. However, other materials can also be processed, such as various plastics, composites, fabrics or foils.