In the "Sheets" application area, we supply tools for sheet-fed printing products that are produced in offset and to a growing extent also in digital printing. Typical applications include sticker sheets, coupons, inmould labels and presentation folders. For die-cutting, creasing and embossing of these printed materials, special flexible dies are required which are either integrated "inline" into the printing machine or used "offline" in finishing machines.


Sheet-fed printing is used to produce high-quality printed goods in a wide variety of formats: flyers, brochures, business cards, sticker sheets, advertising supplements and much more. With the help of our tools, these products are shaped and finished by die-cutting, perforating and creasing. Up to print format 3B, our flexible dies can be integrated into all conventional sheet-fed offset presses and finishing machines. Special mounting systems, register tabs and counter plates, which are adapted to the respective machine type, ensure a perfect fit.


The Inmould Labelling market has been growing continuously for years. The printed and die-cut label is melted with the actual packaging in a mould. Inmould labels allow for attractive, full-surface designs of packaging that are also resistant to adverse external influences. Inmould labels are found particularly in the food sector (e.g. margarine, ice cream or salad cups), but also on many other consumer goods - from detergents to paint buckets. With minimal production tolerances and special cutting line geometries, the high-precision die-cutting tools from Wink offer optimum conditions for die-cutting inmould labels with maximum efficiency.