A daily glance into the mailbox reveals envelopes and mailing bags in countless formats and made of the most diverse materials. Due to the increasing online trade and movement of goods, the number of large format bags is also increasing. Each envelope product has its own specific requirements in terms of production and die-cutting tools.


Envelope products can be roughly divided into the categories envelope, mailing bag or folding bag. Apart from numerous standardized formats, envelope products can be modified in many ways. Already with the raw material you are faced with the choice of countless paper variants and thicknesses. Special plastics can even be used for maximum tear resistance. Further design possibilities are offered by printing, optional closures, various linings or different windowings.


The common manufacturing process for long runs in the envelope sector is reel production, but sheets are also processed. After printing the inside and outside of the envelope, the envelope contour is die-cut and a possible window film is glued in. Then the side flaps and the sealing flap rubber coating are applied. Profiles, window dies and separators are usually required for production. For formats that are die-cut in one step, All in one dies are used. The foil knives are mounted on special magnetic cylinders, which ensures a fast format change.